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Episode #50: The Awesomeness Of PodMatch, Podcast Industry Pitfalls & The Value Of The Still Small Voice with Alex Sanfilippo, Creator Of PodPros

We've made it to Episode #50!!! This is a major milestone in the podcasting industry and today I have the man largely responsible for this podcast still existing: Alex Sanfilippo! This man created PodMatch and PodcastSOP and he always coming up with ways to help others succeed in life. He is a gorgeous man and he has a gorgeous mind and I am so please to introduce him to y'all!!!

Episode #49: Spotlight On BIPOC & QTPOC Creatives, Overcoming Religious Confusion & The Necessity Of Mental Health Care With Anna DeShawn, Creator Of The Cube App

Today we have a spotlight on black indigenous people of color and queer trans people of color. Anna DeShawn has created The Qube App which is a safe space for creative people of color of various identities. We dish on religion, sex, self-acceptance, mental health & so much more...

Episode #48: VooDoo Part II, Judgmental "Christians", Church Codependency And Love For Haiti With Kim Sorrelle, Author & Speaker

Kim Sorrelle (author of Love Is and Cry Until You Laugh) and I continue our conversation about Life In Haiti, VooDoo, Witchcraft, Church Bullsh*t, Our Love For Christ and so much more!!!

Episode #47: Surviving Rape, Witchcraft, Incarceration, Drug Abuse & The Pain Of Giving Children Up For Adoption, With Amanda Acker, Host Of The Let Good Things In Show

Amanda Acker is the host of the Let Good Things In Show. In this episode we get deep about rape, abuse, divorce, prostitution and all the dark things you know you are curious about.

Episode #46: The Crucifixion of Jesus, the Negotiable Nature of God & Baptism Defined with Branch Isole, Author & Poet

Branch Isole and I are here to teach you about the crucifixion of Jesus and what it means for you. This is especially special as we roll into Easter weekend. Jesus is the core of this podcast and it brings me much joy to spend a couple hours talking about Him. :)

Episode #45: Taking Communion/Eucharist at Home, God Created Sex - Not Man & Breaking Free From Dependency on Churches with Branch Isole, Author & Poet

Branch Isole (www.Manaopublishing.com) is back! This man has become a resident guest here and we love having him on our show! Today we are talking about spiritual independence, breaking free from dependency on churches and I even show you how to take Communion/Eucharist at home!!!

Episode #44: Sex Toys for Men and Women, Cumming on Command, Watching Porn in Church & Accepting Your Sexual Self with Layla London, Host of The Curious Girl Diaries Podcast

Layla London is the host of the Curious Girl Diaries Podcast and in this episode she and I take you on a whirlwind ride that's sure to leave you satisfied on every level possible. We talk sex, sex toys, prostate orgasms, anal sex and so much more!!!

Episode #43: Leaving God, Suffering Caused by Churches and why Religious Persecution of People is Not of God with John Follis, Writer, Director and Filmmaker

John Follis brings the thunder as we dive into his documentary - Leaving God. Join us as we dish on the foolishness of the church, the mass exodus of people away from God and them crazy "Christians" we all know and run from every time we see them!!!

Episode #42: Bonding Based Lovemaking, Family Constellations and the Power of the Subconscious Mind with Carolin Hauser, Author, Naturopathic Doctor, Humanistic Psychotherapist and Family Constellations Facilitator

German-trained Naturopathic Doctor Carolin Hauser tells us how to have sex without intercourse and how to not overextend ourselves in our efforts to serve other people. Carolin also gives us a unique insight into orgasms as well as the subconscious mind.

Episode #41: A Spotlight on Haiti, the Beauty of Death, Becoming a Widow and VooDoo Part I with Kim Sorrelle, Author & Speaker

Kim Sorrelle is cancer survivor, a widow and a successful author with a special love for Haiti. Join us as we talk about a litany of useful topics like the benefits of black licorice, homelessness, failures of the healthcare system, VooDoo and the pain of receiving mammograms.

Episode #40: Polyamory Therapy, Relationship Anarchy, Biblical Interpretation and the Fallacy of Patriarchy with Heidi Savell, LCSW, Polyamory Therapist

Heidi is a LCSW who specializes in polyamory coaching, therapy and education. In this episode we take a look into polyamory from a fresh angle, talk about biblical interpretation, relationship anarchy and so much more!

Episode #39: Guilt, Condemnation and Why We Should Stop Being Hard on Ourselves with Branch Isole, Author & Poet

Branch is back for his third interview with me!!! This time we're tackling the issue of guilt and condemnation. Let's learn how to be kind to ourselves...

Episode #38: Coming Out Through Writing, Living Authentically, Dashing Religious Restraints and the F*ck It Mentality with Luanne Smith, Author and Editor

Luanne Smith is here to tell us all about her newest book: Taboos & Transgressions: Stories of Wrongdoings. This conversation is gritty, it is real, it is loving, it is EVERYTHING you need it to be and so much more!

Episode #37: Leadership Challenges and Heterosexual Drama within the Church, Church Overreach and General Church F*ckery with Leadership Coach Jerry Fu, PharmD, ACC

Jerry Fu returns for his second interview! We dive deep into church drama and honey you don't want to miss out on this tasty tea right here!!! We also talk about approval addiction, xenophobia, and you even get a funny masturbation story! Enjoy!!!

Episode #36: A Dating App For People Living with Sexual Dysfunction, Broken Vaginas, Surviving Breast Cancer and Reassessing Our Value Systems with Anna Leonarda

Anna Leonarda has created a dating app (Entwine Dating) for people living with sexual dysfunction and she is here to let us know what it's all about. We talk about surviving breast cancer, broken vaginas, the importance of reassessing our value systems and so much more!

Episode #35: Wrestling Fetishes, Squirting, Piss Play, and BDSM with Lola Jean, Sex Educator and Speaker

World record holder for volume squirting, Pro Domme, wrestler, and sex educator are only a few titles that describe miss Lola Jean! This episode is super sexual and super educational. Listen if you dare...

Episode #34: "Claircognizance," Soul Connections, Military Mayhem and Coming Out with Claircognizant Psychic, Stopher Cavins

Claircognizant psychic and intuitive blogger, Stopher Cavins and I dish about military life during Don't Ask Don't Tell, developing psychic abilities, soul connections, how to deal with death and so much more!

Episode #33: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Multiple Personalities and the Process of Healing with Lyn Barrett, Author

In this episode I sit down with Lyn Barrett for a vulnerable and intense look into her new memoir, CRAZY: Reclaiming Life From the Shadow of Traumatic Memory. Get inside mental health information about Dissociative Identity Disorder, multiple personalities and much more!

Episode #31: Fake Orgasms, Avoiding Sales Traps, Surviving Cancer & the Spirit of a Hustler with Biz Coach Heather Wylde

This is a Wylde and sexy sit down with former hooker and college dropout turned transformational business and life coach, Heather Wylde! This interview is transparent, real and raw - just as all podcasts should be.

Episode #30: Finding that Elusive Orgasm, Positive Sexual Affirmations, Wise Words to Men & the Effects of Religion on Sex with Sex Therapist & Life Coach Paloma a.k.a. MoMa

This is a titillating episode with the super sexy and super intelligent sex therapist and life coach Paloma a.k.a. MoMa! Listen in to hear positive sexual affirmations, information about orgasms, help for singles and couples, as well as wisdom to help you both in and out of the bedroom.

Episode #29: Money Management, the Beauty of Being The Black Sheep and Embracing Transgender Siblings with Jacqueline Schadeck CFP®, AWMA®, Author

Jacqueline Schadeck is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional who partners with individuals and families to help them gain financial clarity. She believes that people need comprehensive financial guidance in order to make the best decisions, and she has a passion for helping clients achieve financial success. In this episode we cover valuable items such as money, being the black sheep in the family, embracing transgender siblings, and abuse.

Episode #28: Coming Out, Winning The Mental Health Battle, Breaking Free From Religion & The Zest Of Sexual Poetry With Mercedes Killeen, Author & Poet

Mercedes Killeen is a Toronto based award-winning professional author, editor, and blogger with over 12 years of professional writing experience. She is openly queer and in this episode we discuss LGBT+ topics, as well as mental health advocacy/sobriety, as well as her two poetry books, Tulips and Using A Spoon As A Knife.

Episode #27: Love Made Simple With Juan Lee, Author And Speaker

For a unique take on the meaning of LOVE I spoke to The author of Love Made Made Simple: A Guide To Inner Peace, Contentment and Success – Juan Lee. Juan is a transformational speaker, thought leader and author. He is the founder and executive director of Clear Journey which is a nonprofit that teaches attitudes and life skill for success. Juan has been a Christian for over 30 years and has seen the message of love made so difficult that it's confusing. He removes the confusion by making it very simple to understand.

Episode #26: Winning At Life While Legally Blind, Deciding To Live, Acquiring Spiritual Understanding And Overcoming The Addiction To Family With Heather Hutchison, Author, Singer & Songwriter

Happy Friendsgiving!!! This is my first sit down with someone who is legally blind. Heather Hutchison talks about how she has been able to overcome life's obstacles to write a memoir and release thee albums. We also discuss suicide, depression, spiritual understand and why it is so important to get over family.

Episode #25: Orgies, Abuse, Foreplay, Breakups and The Cut Vs. Uncut Conundrum With Shawn Jacobson, Host Of The Tough Titties Podcast

Shawn Jacobson and I discuss orgies, mental health challenges, abuse and so much more! We help you understand what a fuck boy is, the importance of foreplay and we talk about why we find cut and uncut dicks to be really the same at the end of the day...:)

Episode #24: Surviving Childhood Trauma, Dominating Life And Being A National Figure Competitor With Jewels, Author Of "The Making Of A Woman"

Jewels is a woman who has lived two lives in one lifetime. The first part was a life of childhood abuse and trauma which grew into the full-blown disease of alcoholism. Her life was out of control and she was circling the drain. The second part is life today and how she urgently worked through her past and now has a wonderful life as a result.

Episode #23: A Metaphysical View Of The Bible, Angels, Astral Projection, And A Warning To Conservatives With Elijah Ware

Elijah Ware is the host of the Zephyr Podcast and he is not only a Teacher and a Preacher of Metaphysics but a student of it as well. Elijah started teaching metaphysics at the age of 14 and has blossomed tremendously since then.

Episode #22:The Mushroom Experiment, Male Body Image Issues, And Churches Vs. Divorcees With Jeff Nesbitt (Host Of The Ramble By The River Podcast)

The Ramble by the River podcast is hosted by none other than Jeff Nesbitt!!! Jeff has been podcasting for quite some time and he brings a unique passion and flavor to the table that I resonate quite well with. In this interview we talk about how Jeff got kicked out of church for getting a divorce, how hypnosis plays into church services, male body image issues and Jeff’s mushroom experiment in the Crack Shack.

Episode #21: AWOL From The Marines, Child Abuse, And Escaping Death With Recovery Coach Shaun Coffey

Shaun Coffey is the co-author of the stigma-breaking book, “Boys Do Cry.” A collection of true stories by men who overcame adversity and gender conformity surrounding their mental health and emotions. He shares his life experiences in hopes that it reaches someone who needs to harness their self-worth and overcome obstacles standing in the way of their truth.

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